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At You Are The Power, we find people who are being disrespected by their government, and organize to get all of us the respect we deserve.

Help drive a movement to fix problems and set people free.

Help drive a movement to fix problems and set people free

Join a network of like-minded activists across the country.

Join a network of like-minded activists across the country

Get support from leaders in the liberty movement.

Get support and promotion from leaders in the movement


You Are The Power is a membership-based nonprofit that is founded and run by Spike Cohen. We have decades of combined experience and a shared social media reach of over 50 million.

We work with activists and organizations in all 50 states, using localized, single-issue activism to set our communities free, restore individual rights, take the power away from government and put it back in your hands, where it belongs.

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Your generous donation gives us the resources we need to engage in effective activism in all 50 states, build coalitions with like-minded people and organizations, and implement solutions based on respecting people as individuals to solve problems across the country.

Unlike those in power, we don’t need funding from corrupt corporate cronies. We only need you. With your help and support, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

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What We Do

You Are The Power works every day to spread Human Respect, from helping people fight back against out-of-control government officials, to helping charities provide for those in need,  and much more.

We vet our causes very carefully, researching the details independently and diligently so that we can fight with all the information at hand.

Check out our active causes, and see how you can help right now!