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The Sullivan Family

Cheyenne Benthin

Imagine you’re a mother and wake to find your infant son unresponsive. 911 is called, and within minutes, emergency personnel arrive and pronounce your son dead. An autopsy is performed, and the medical examiner determines that your baby died of natural causes. Law enforcement refuses to accept this fact and continues their investigation, although no crime occurred. Family court gets involved, and due to law enforcement’s refusal to close their investigation, you lose legal guardianship of your surviving daughter.

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The Sullivan Family

Damani Clarke and Shelby Whiting-Clarke

Damani Clarke and Shelby Whiting-Clarke are parents to Anariah, a beautiful one-year-old girl. Inherited health conditions lead to her suffering a variety of issues. A series of events would lead to Anariah to be taken to Wolfson Children’s Hospital, where Child Abuse Pediatricians would once again diagnose abuse when there was none.

At their dependency hearing, medical experts for Damani and Shelby testified that Anariah had Metabolic Bone Disease, poor bone mineralization, and ossification defects and that periosteal reactions are quite normal in long bones of infants and are representative of fast growth and not fracture lines. This testimony was disregarded.

The state seeks to terminate the parental rights of Damani and Shelby and have Anariah adopted.

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The Sullivan Family

Nourish Our Neighbors

You Are The Power has partnered with Nourish Our Neighbors of Dayton, OH to help make it easier for charities to feed and support the homeless community. The ordinance #137-21 bars groups from distribution of food and items to homeless individuals without first getting a $50 permit, the issuance of which is not guaranteed, but the fee is non-refundable. Harassment from law enforcement over this led to one member being arrested. how you can help…

The Sullivan Family

Casey and Bailey Collins

Their son, Ridge, suffered injuries after a difficult premature birth. At three months of age, he had a seizure and went unresponsive. He was life flighted to CHOA where Dr. Stephen Messner declared his injuries the result of abuse without ever consulting his birth records. Local law enforcement, without doing their due diligence, relied solely on the opinions of Dr. Messner and Dr. Iannelli and arrested Casey and Bailey Collins. They were charged with Cruelty to Children in the 1st Degree and have not been indicted. The Georgia family court cleared Casey and Bailey and reunited the family, but the criminal court case is still pending. how you can help…

The Sullivan Family

Corey and Diana Sullivan

Last year, the Georgia state government stole Corey and Diana’s children because Amelia has multiple diagnosed medical conditions, and the government doesn’t want to acknowledge them. Corey was also arrested and faces decades in prison for a crime he did not commit. More…

Matt and Taki Hernandez

The Matthew and Wilairat Hernandez family has been torn apart due to false accusations of child abuse against the mother by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS).  In this case, there is strong evidence and testimony of many family members and friends that indicate Mrs. Wilairat Hernandez has been falsely charged and arrested for abusing their seven-month-old daughter, Emma, and her family unjustly separated. Their children, Emma and Arya, 3-years-11-months old were removed and placed in foster care. More…

Brady and Carrie Timms

Brady and Carrie Timms are the parents of a two-year-old boy, Jameson (JT), who began having health concerns when he was only six weeks old. Jameson was taken to his pediatrician each time and hospitalized on several occasions. At three months old, Jameson was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) on the advice of their pediatrician. In an unfortunate similarity to the Hernandez family, doctors accused Brady and Carrie of abuse; they were separated from their son, arrested, and charged with multiple felonies. More…

Josiah and Jocyln Sanders

Joslyn and Josiah Sanders

Josiah was seized by Dallas CPS agents after Joslyn sought a second opinion when doctors prescribed a medication Joslyn was hesitant to give her child. More…

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