$50,000 REWARD

To any person who provides the key tip leading to the arrest and conviction of Rasheem Carter’s killer. 

One October 1st 2022, Rasheem sent a message to his mother saying he feared for his life.  The next day, he was captured on a trail camera near Taylorsville, MS. 

His decapitated skeletal remains were found on November 2nd on a nearby property.

Provide any info you have here:

Tips Submission


Reward: $50,000 for information (also referred to as the “tip” or “key tip”) leading to the conviction of Rasheem Carter’s (from Taylorsville, Mississippi) killer(s)

Who is eligible: Any person who provides to You Are The Power, the key tip leading to the arrest and conviction of Rasheem Carter’s killer(s);

Where to send information: Via email to Tips@youarethepower.net

· All contact information is secure and will NOT be shared outside of You Are The Power, our legal team, and law enforcement;

· All tips will be sent to our legal team who are working with local officials;

· Payout will be made upon conviction of the killer;

· This offer expires when withdrawn, or within 1 year of being published, whichever occurs first;

· Recognizing that the “key tip” could be a subjective determination, the recipient of the reward is at the full and sole discretion of You Are The Power, but is limited to the person or person(s) that provide the key tip leading to the arrest and conviction of Rasheem Carter’s killer. If the Taylorsville, MS police department and/or the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and/or the prosecutor of any murder trial refuse to state the You Are The Power tip provider that was the key to convicting Rasheem’s killer, You Are the Power may observe the trial, public records, news reports, or other methods to determine the person or person(s) that provided the key tip;

· Reward may be divided among multiple people, at the discretion of You Are The Power, if multiple people come forward with information;

· You Are The Power will only contact the person who is receiving the reward to make payment arrangements;

· Tips must be provided to You Are The Power to be eligible for the reward;

· Contact information may be used by law enforcement to gather more information;

· At no time will You Are The Power make tips available to the public;

· You Are The Power holds all discretion for payment distribution.

· All references to “You Are The Power” in this reward offer refer to “You Are The Power Foundation, Inc.”, a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation.

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